Stefania Agnello


“I began my journey in the world of communications at D’Antona & Partners agency in Milan, where I worked on the development of the Academia Barilla project, the first international centre for the distribution, promotion and development of Italian culinary culture worldwide. I then joined REM Ruini e Mariotti, I soon took charge of the Press & PR department. It was there that I was able to expand my areas of expertise by collaborating with a variety of different sectors moving between luxury, F&B, and the luxury hotel sector. After more than 12 years of working between Milan and Rome, I decided to embark on a new adventure and launch Sarapu, thus continuing my journey in Media Relations.”

The story behind our name

The name Sarapu which means crown in Burmese was born during my solo trip in Burma. Indeed during my stays in a variety of incredible monasteries the nuns that hosted me had difficulty pronouncing my name, ‘Stefanos’, Greek for crown, so I drew one on a piece of paper to explain its meaning. When they saw it, they gifted me with the name of Sarapu. It seemed only fitting that the name that followed me on my first solo voyage would also be part of my first solo professional adventure after so many years of working in the industry. The logo is a small paper boat, its edges the points of a crown; it holds in its folds the quest for travel and discovery, it embodies the notion that with courage, passion, and discipline, we can voyage through stormy seas and overcome any challenges life throws at us.